Andrej Jakovlev

Date of birth: 1 June 1968 in Moscow

Responsible for: Production, quality control, design of particular frame components, tuning of the systems sound, testing of refused ideas.

Previous experience: cooperation with Rational Audio, one of the first editors that participated in birth of the magazine “Stereo & Video”, editor and member of the editorial board of “HiFi” magazine, editor and tester of the magazine “Audio” till 2002; private practice in the sphere of installation and production of audio components.

Hobbies: music, audiotechnics, photography

Dependence: mountain bicycle, alpine snowboarding, skiing etc

Music of the heart: classical music, electronics, ethno music … Jack Johnson

Top five CD:
1. Underworld – Second toughest in the infants
2. Cash – The man comes around
3. Kraftwerk – Tour de France
4. David Sylvian – Gone to earth
5. J.S Bach – The testament of Bach (Musikalisches Opfer, Die Kunst der Fuge)

The best song: Spinning Away – Sugar Ray

The worst character: idleness

Favourite colour: blue