Jerry Koza

Date of birth: 11 October 1976 in Prague

Responsible for: design and visual image of the company

Previous experience:
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design Prague – architecture 1 (Jiří Střítecký, Jindřich Smetana, Eva Jiřičná)
Czech Technical University in Prague, faculty of architecture
2005: project Top 100 (“Česká stovka”): 100 years, 100 icons of the Czech design
I was classified in the project Top 100, which plots the Czech life style from the early part of the 20th century with exaggeration, humour and pride
2003: The Ladislav Sutnar Prize
intended for young creative talents under 33 years of age – for a personality whose intellectual contributions represent a significant enrichment of the Czech architecture and design worlds

Exhibitions: Prague, Brimingham, Berlin, London, Stockholm, New York, Paris, Moscow

Hobbies: mountain bicycle, snowboarding, skiing etc …

Dependence: searching for new possibilities, design, architecture, sailboat, aircrafts

The best music: Old school

Top five CD (LP):
1. AC/DC – Highway to hell
2. The Presidents of the United States of America
3. Beastie boys – Licensed to ill
4. Pearl Jam – Ten
5. Prince – 1999

The best song: Manželé – UFO

The worst character: pertinacity

Favourite colour: pink