The ALFA loudspeaker systems can be installed in a few ways:


Original use • floor standing loudspeakers. The loudspeaker systems are placed on the floor or a basement. They stand on three legs with the possibility to modify the radiation axis shift by the screwing adjustable rear leg. The ball-ended shape of each leg also carries on the function of unbodied points as we know them from the construction of regular high-end loudspeaker systems.

• Shelf placement loudspeaker systems in case that the systems to be installed are intended as shelf woofers, the ALFA system can be on request delivered without mounted legs. Every system is equipped with a set of miniature stick-on transparent polyurethane pads against the undesirable resonance generation.

The loudspeaker system • in-wall or • ceiling installation. For this kind of installation, the system is delivered without legs and it is important to take into account the necessity to reorder appropriate mounting brackets. The system is equipped with inserts for a special bracket installation that enable to install the system in a wall or ceiling. The bracket allows a detailed setting of angles in respect of its positioning in all three axes. The bracket design corresponds to the design level of the complete ALFA systems.


        • floor standing         • shelf placement         • in-wall         • ceiling