company profile

SYMBIO Design, s.r.o. – The company was established in 2005 with a view to bring the already developed group of products – loudspeaker systems to the life and, in course of the time, also the complete sound reinforcing systems. The work on the first product – the Alfa loudspeaker system, began already in 2003. Our design guru Jerry, who was at that time a student yet, addressed Andrej, who lives for audio techniques with his body and soul, with a request to assist in the loudspeaker system development.

We were already enraptured by the unusual shape of the baffle visualization. The confidence that the real high-end audio system is not only about the sound quality but it is also about the quality sound and design interconnection, top workmanship and accent on details was also the impulse to work. Petr Malenický – the electronic enthusiast with great experience in PC, video, management and especially logistics and organization and also willing to find solutions for deadlocks, brought the organization spirit and the necessary logistic organization into the work of the creative couple.

The ALFA loudspeaker system prototype was exhibited on a few exhibitions at home and also abroad (Vienna, London) with number of fervent reactions. This very moment became an impulse to start the series production.

So, the ALPHA loudspeaker system is actually the starting product in this category.

We concurrently work on the preparation of consequential loudspeaker systems – subwoofer EGGo and variable installation sets for Alfa – installation on a wall, suspension set to a ceiling and others.

Our goal is to bring the not only technically and acoustically high-quality product to customers but also the high-quality product from the design and aesthetics point of view. We may shock you a little, warm your senses and your heart. That is the goal of our efforts.


Andrej Jakovlev - technology
Jerry Koza - design