Originally the ALFA loudspeaker systems of SYMBIO Design should only be a sort of an interesting creative object for lovers of music and design unusual things. But after the production and tuning of the already original prototype (at the time, it was with absolutely different placing and frequency separator), our own auditory tests, reactions of our friends, and finally also after very positive reactions on many exhibitions attended at home and abroad we decided to completely rework the original technical design of Alfa with a view to another sound improvement. The choice of materials, baffle shape and manufacturing technology provide the system with features, which are very hardly achievable at regular loudspeaker systems with an acoustic labyrinth made using an ordinary technology and ordinary materials as a chipboard or MDF (wood-fibre hardboard). Especially it is the baffle rigidity and its resistance to the undesirable resonance transmission through the lining, which hand-in-hand cooperate with absolutely minimum area of the “front panel” in the (aerodynamic) organic shape. The lining resonance and reflections creating on the front panel area of the conventional shape systems adversely affect the real quality of sound of acoustic apparatus and voices and decrease the fidelity of the virtual sound space version and, of course, focusing and localization of individual instruments and singers.

The design of loudspeaker system is based on a baffle made from laminated composite. A bass-reflex tube is made the same way and, after the manufacturing process completion, it becomes an integral part of the baffle. In addition, the bass-reflex tube orifice shape prevents the turbulence generation with air circulation in the tube, when a higher sound volume is set, which very often adversely affects the systems sound character and brings undesired noises into the performance. The shell is made with laying stress on the standing waves elimination without a single joint, so we eliminated pressure losses. The selected construction provides high shell rigidity with a big inner acoustic attenuation.

The genuine SEAS transducers are imbedded in the loudspeaker systems. The frequency separators are built in the custom printed circuits using high-quality polypropylene condensers and air-core coils. All metal parts are made with no exception by turning or milling from solid duralumin. The manufacturing process is completed by burnishing of all parts. The internal wiring is done using a high-end wiring from Swedish Supra. We use WBT solder with a high content of silver for all soldered joints. For all screw joints, we use stainless and browned jointing material as a matter of principle. The internal space dumping is ensured by polyester lap scarf and synthetic material Fonofoam, which is applied in the immediate surrounding of the mid-buss woofer. The baffle uncompromising design and an accurate design of the separator compose two-way loudspeaker systems with excellent technical parameters. The final checkout of the systems in an acoustically modified listening studio gives the loudspeaker systems a driving and self-confident but also elegant sound and a non-violent performance with a highly balanced frequency characteristic.

The ALFA loudspeaker system installation is very flexible.